With the rising costs associated with employees it’s not hard to believe that hiring a sub-contracted consultant could and would be affordable. Unlike hiring an employee (even a part-time employee) you don’t pay for down-time (time not working) when you subcontract services. And as an added benefit, there’s not a need for office space, supplies, health insurance or payroll taxes.


Currently Only  $45 per hour!


How does it work?

There’s no fee for the first meeting, usually about an hour but sometimes longer, as this is to determine how we can work with you. This meeting can happen in person or via phone or video call.

First thing we do is learn a little about your business. Things like the service/product you provide, business location, number of employees, time in business, and most importantly the type of help you might need.

Once determined we can help, the next step is clearly defining the first project we will do. From experience subsequent projects can be more loosely defined as the familiarity between your business and ours not only creates a time savings (no getting to know you stage) but also a comfort level for both businesses.

Clearly defining the project includes deciding how much time you are comfortable giving the project. Creating a banner or flyer for example is a one-time start and stop project that is easily measured; however a marketing campaign or a home-show booth for example become more difficult to define an hourly investment.


What will my cost be?

There is required effort to get started on and finalize any project regardless of it’s size. Because of this, initial projects always require a three hour minimum. Once we have worked together on any project you will be invoiced only for actual time worked without the three hour minimum and within the guidelines that we have predetermined for your project.

If it appears the project is going to require more effort to complete we will discuss this before any additional effort is given to your project. You will never be invoiced for more than the mutually agreed amount.