Andrew Avance

Andrew Avance

After earning a degree in Human Resources, Andrew began his career in the corporate sector. He used that time to gain valuable experience in productivity, growth, and employee satisfaction, and developed a passion for training. Eventually he received several opportunities to work with small business owners, initially focusing on training employees and implementing software and web based applications (which were just becoming available in the early 2000’s). As more and more sought help, Andrew recognized a real need among small business owners for quality, affordable business development assistance.

Minded Business grew out of that need. Since 2001, Andrew has been working with small businesses to improve quality of life for owners and team members through a variety of areas of focus. Combining Andrew’s attention to detail and organizational skills with a natural aptitude for computer software, other service offerings have developed over time, making Minded Business the ideal solution for many small business needs (see our list of services for more information).

Some of Andrew’s core strengths related to small business and nonprofits are:

  • Software and web based applications
  • Teaching / Training
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Team accountability
  • QuickBooks (Certified Pro-Advisor)
  • Websites and digital/print materials (flyers, brochures, mailers, etc.)
  • Online presence such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Extensive small business situational experiences

Andrew’s wife Rosemary has a graduate degree in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania, with training and experience in using online tools for qualitative research. Andrew frequently makes use of Rosemary’s expertise to help his clients develop high-quality, professional methods for obtaining the results they need.

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