Most small business owners are great when it comes to the product or service they provide and struggle with many other areas of the business. That's where we help. We are an affordable support service for the areas of your small business that you don't enjoy or just need help doing better.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “I’m good at what I do, which is giving metal objects an extremely durable protective powder coated finish. Andrew (our Minded Business rep) is also good at what he does. We let Andrew make all the marketing decisions for us and he keeps us looking great within the budget we can afford.”

    Michael with Allegiant Powder Coating LLC.

    Michael Simon
  • “Andrew (our Minded Business rep) is the first person we call when something comes up with our computers or phones. Tech companies always charge so much, but Andrew will help us over the phone and doesn’t charge us except for the time that he worked.”

    Coweta Tag Agency
  • “I have a small business where some months I have lots of work and other months I have none. Minded Business is the perfect solution for our staffing needs because they can handle all of my administrative needs (including all of the accounting stuff I’m terrible at) on a per job basis. No employee (part or full time) to worry about taking care of during the slow months.”

    Kingdom CW
  • “Andrew Avance (our Minded Business rep) has the ability to see our issues from an unemotional and outside perspective with a simplified business view that prevents us from making irrational or costly business decisions. He is truly the accountability every business needs.”

    Landscape Business Owner
  • “Andrew Avance (our Minded Business partner) has been an integral part of bringing my small corporation out of a financially difficult situation. It is comforting to have him ‘looking over my shoulder’ and to bring his expertise from other industries to ours. I appreciate his advice about administrative decisions and have been impressed with his limitless abilities.”

    Bobby’s Plumbing

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